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You are not invisible

Have you ever walked past a person and wondered why they behaved the way they did? Did you ever wonder why someone you smiled at while serving them in the shop did not return the smile? Have you ever wondered why that young person is using a walking frame or is in a wheelchair, or what was that old woman’s life like when she was young?

This was inspired by the people I observed while sitting on a bench at a shopping centre.

I am the old lady sitting on the bench
watching people pass me by
young and beautiful
people full of life
I close my eyes and remember
I used to be one of you many years ago
Beautiful and adventurous

I am the guy that walked past you with my walker
I close my eyes and remember being teased for
my physical disability
I did not wish this upon myself
I was born with cerebral palsy

I am the elderly man who walked past you talking to myself
People look at me funny and try to keep their distance
I was told I’m a danger to myself and society
I close my eyes and remember my younger days
free on the streets dealing drugs and staying high
to escape the pain, sufferings and loneliness of this cruel world

I am the girl that didn’t make eye contact with you
as you served me at the counter
little you know that I suffer from deep depression
my life is consumed by it
I close my eyes and the remember all the events
that brought me to where I am today
A tear falls from my eye because it is so hard to see
the light at the end of the tunnel

Let us not ignore and make our elderly feel invisible. And let us not be ignorant to mental and physical disabilities. Be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


2 thoughts on “You are not invisible

  1. the whole poem is fantastic. one that can be related to on many levels. the verse that hit me the hardest ist last one. describing a form of depression, a subject with broad meaning and that has been misunderstood by psychologists, councillers alike. You are very talented subhanallah 😀

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