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Remember your mother

Remember your mother

born with stubborn curly hair

big bright eyes that looked

beyond a person and any situation

Remember your mother

heart broken when she had to say

goodbye to her homeland

leaving behind her family and friends

but with the hope that she will return

one day and see them again

As a little girl escaping war

when she visited the big blue mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif

she tied a piece of cloth at the Ziarath

praying to god to keep those she left behind

safe until she returned

Remember your mother

who when witnessed her mother at gunpoint

was not afraid because her believe in God was stronger

than the Mujahid’s Kalashnikov

Remember your mother

as much as she was nervous

she put a smile on her face

and started school in a foreign land

She was bullied for her dark skin

for her jet black curly hair

for not being able to speak the language

and for just being foreign

Remember your mother

who would be told by her mother

she will buy her everything she desired

every time they left for a new country

but she knew deep down inside at a young age

that nothing will ever be the same

war has changed her family and their lives forever

she will never own what other kids could

she knew she would be wearing second hand

cloths and torn shoes for a long time

because poverty was here and she was now part of it

she knew that until she could call a place home again

she would always be restless and lost

Remember your mother

who would chase away boys to protect her brother

who started work at the age of nine

to feed her family by selling cigarettes

on those freezing winter days of Russia

Remember your mother

who alone with her little brother and the smuggler

made her way to another land

not showing how worried and scared she was

because she needed to be her brother’s

strength during that journey

Once again she had to face

A new country, new school and new language

more bullying and insults thrown her way

From the start she knew she was different

though she eventually made friends

she never felt accepted

she felt that she never fitted in

She knew this was because

she viewed the world and people

differently to her friends

she saw the world from the eyes

of the poor, the starving and those struggling

Remember your mother

as a unique woman, one of a kind

Remember her as a quiet, gentle,

kind and sensitive woman

who would cry for hours after watching

images of starving kids on TV

promising that she would help as many she could

even if meant doing it alone

But also remember her

as a strong, passionate and courageous woman

who overcame her fears and nerves

when it was time to be the

voices of the voiceless

remember her as someone

who spoke the truth even when

her voice was shaking

Remember your mother

who was even an outcast in her family

for everything she stood for

but she didn’t let anyone stand in her way

for she knew that if she stood for nothing

she would fall anything

She was often bullied for being

darker than other members of her family

they called her ugly and skinny

but she grew up to be a woman

that every auntie in the community

wanted her son married to

Remember her as not insecure

but as a shy and soft spoken woman

confident, elegant and beautiful but not

an arrogant woman

Remember that your mother’s

dreams did not consist of material things

but of a peaceful world

without wars, famine and destruction

and that is what she fought for

with all of her heart and strength

Remember that your mother was

Inspired by people like Malcolm X,

Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks,

Harriet Tubman and Che Guevara

Not by Obama, Bush or Blair

Remember that your mother loved rap

And that her favourite rapper was

a great activist by the name of

Tupac Shakur not Jay-Z

Remember that your mother

wanted nothing but a good life for you

the type of life she never had

she wanted you to grow up as a

strong, selfless, kind and generous


Remember that you mother

loves you more than anything in this world

she never thought she could ever love anyone so much

but then you came along and changed her world

with the hope for better days to come

So get out there and fight for your dreams

for your rights and the rights of those

struggling in this unfair system

Remember to always speak the truth at whatever cost

and never forget that your mother is

up there watching with pride that

you are her daughter/son


2 thoughts on “Remember your mother

  1. Wow! I loved each and every word….I have tears in my eyes at the moment reading this beautiful poem. You are a terrific poet and a writer dear. Its really an worth reading. Mothers are so special they, gave us this amazing life as a gift ❤ .You are so Blessed mitra.

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