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My Veil

Inspired by the women I met in Afghanistan. I haven’t forgotten you…..


Have you seen my veil?

Without it I cannot leave my house

Without it I will be beaten and punished

Without it men will see me as a piece of meat

I was once a woman with a respected job

I had my own office

Today I have no job or a voice

I sit on the corner of Lessay Mariam and beg for money to feed my children

I feel suffocated at times under my veil

But before exposing my mouth and nose to gulp air

I am reminded of the last time I did that

I was beating with a metal cable until I bled

I see times have changed

Many women walk on the streets of Kabul with a small head scarf

But I still live in fear

My veil has become my security blanket

It’s time to put on my veil

I feel invisible and disconnected from the world

I am a living woman who cannot be heard or seen

I am one of the many ghosts of Kabul city

Under my veil


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